Joseph Federico Renews SAE International Membership for his Seventh Consecutive Year

Joseph Federico, Vice President of NJ MET, Inc. announced the renewal of his membership with SAE International for a seventh year.

“I am happy to continue my participation for a seventh year in SAE’s testing, validation and certification management category, particularly with NJ MET’s interests in aerospace testing and counterfeit parts mitigation,” said NJ MET Vice President Joseph Federico from the company’s laboratory headquarters in NJ. He added, “We practice SAE’s AS5553 and AS6081 Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Testing Processes. We also share SAE International’s interest in furthering STEM education, including sponsoring our own STEM scholarship.”

SAE  International publishes over 6,400 technical documents for the aerospace industry. These include Aerospace Standards (AS), Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP), and Aerospace Information Reports (AIR). Aerospace Standards apply to missile, airframe, ground-support equipment, propulsion, propeller, and accessory equipment. Aerospace Material Standards are a subset of Aerospace Standards governing materials science and engineering for aerospace applications. Aerospace Recommended Practices are recommendations for engineering practice. Aerospace Information Reports contain general accepted engineering data and information.

Read the complete press release on Jjoseph Federico renwing membershi is SAE  international at Joseph Federico of NJ MET, Inc. Announces Renewal of SAE International Membership for his Seventh Consecutive Year


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